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Initial Consultation


30 minutes

About this Service

This is the first appointment used for all skin and nail care. For problems with walking, injury, pain or orthotics, please book a biomechanical appointment.

Please book this appointment if you need: 

  • Nail care

  • Corns and Calluses

  • Dry and/or cracked heels

  • Ingrown nails

  • Diabetic care

  • Fungal nail infections

  • Warts (verrrucae)

  • Thickened or Brittle Nails, discolouration  or changes in your nail that you are unsure of

  • Athlete’s foot (Tinea pedis)

  • Removal of foreign objects

  • Are unsure of which appointment to book

We take the time to go over the problems with your feet, take a comprehensive medical history, complete a diabetes assessment (if required) and treat the problems there on the day.

If follow up appointments are required, the next visit will be booked as a general treatment.

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